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Repair & Exclusion Services

Our Repair & Exclusion Services

Are you looking for long-term protection against pests, rodents, and wildlife?

After we remove these critters from your property, we will seal your home, deck, or shed against reentry, giving you the lasting protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Our Approach To Repair & Exclusion Work

Our home repair and exclusion services are specifically designed to keep pests, rodents, and wildlife where they belong; outside of your home. Best of all, we can also repair any damage to your property, ensuring it looks better than ever. Learn more about our unique approach to home repair and exclusion work below:

1. Habitat Modification & Exclusion

During your habitat modification service, a highly-trained technician will identify and limit access to food, water, and shelter for the target species. During your wildlife exclusion service, a skilled technician will seal entry points, place screens over vents, and establish other barriers to safeguard your home from future invasions.

2. Home Repair Work

Minor repairs to your home can prevent major damage down the road. Believe it or not, a small hole in your fascia, ridge vents, sockets, dormers, or gable vents can allow flying squirrels, mice, and bats into your home. Worst of all, these critters leave droppings, make noise, and carry bloodsucking pests with them, like fleas and ticks. During this service, we will repair these entry points before they become a larger problem.

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