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Nukingstreet Pest & Wildlife Control: Eradicate Bed Bugs and Sleep Soundly Again! Our approach to bed bugs.

Are relentless bed bugs disrupting your sleep?

Don't let these tiny pests become a nightmare. Nukingstreet Pest & Wildlife Control is here to help! Our experienced technicians specialize in eliminating bed bugs using a proven, multi-step approach. We service Enfield, Hartford, New Britain, Middletown, Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee, and surrounding areas.

Bed bug nymph after receiving a bloodmeal
Bed bug nymph after a bloodmeal

Our Unique Approach to Bed Bug Control

We combine mechanical methods with bio-pesticides to effectively remove bed bugs and prevent future infestations. Our goal is to eliminate them with a single intensive treatment, followed by an optional long-term monitoring plan for peace of mind.

Here's what sets Nukingstreet apart:

  • Thorough Inspection: Our $199 inspection includes a detailed examination of your entire home to identify the infestation's extent and affected areas. This fee goes towards your service!

  • Vacuum and Steam Treatment: We use specialized vacuums to capture bed bugs and their eggs, followed by a powerful steamer to target mattresses, box springs, and bed frames.

  • Targeted Treatments: We prioritize chemical-free solutions, using eco-friendly bio-pesticides that target bed bug hiding spots. However, for stubborn infestations, we utilize minimal amounts of safe, rotating chemical applications to prevent resistance.

  • Heat Treatment Option: For the quickest and most effective elimination, we offer heat treatments with minimal preparation needed. This method eliminates bed bugs without chemicals, but we recommend adding a residual eco-friendly bio-pesticide for long-lasting protection.

  • Bio-Pesticide Application: We strategically apply safe and effective bio-pesticides to areas like baseboards, window sills, and furniture for lasting elimination.

  • Bed Bug Monitoring: We like to monitor and confirm our successful bed bug services. We  include installing protective mattress encasements and monitoring devices with every service. We also offer a $150 quarterly monitoring plan for single-family homes. If bed bugs return during this period, we'll perform another comprehensive treatment at no extra cost.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Contact Nukingstreet Pest & Wildlife Control today to schedule service and reclaim your peaceful sleep.

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