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About Us

Pest Control Company Serving Connecticut and Massachusetts

Nukingstreet Pest Control was founded as a sole proprietorship while I attended the University of Connecticut. I began my pest management career by helping a relative’s pest control business with jobs they could not get to right away.

Soon I began servicing accounts on a part-time basis and took on more and more new clients. Over time I realized that I enjoyed pest control work and engineering was not for me. Soon after, I graduated from UConn and went full time in pest control.

Along the way, I kept getting requests to remove squirrels from buildings. Squirrel removal falls under wildlife control licensing, so I took on wildlife as part of the business. I am now licensed as a CT Commercial Supervisor, have an MA Commercial Certificate, and am a CT Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator. I am an Associate Certified Entomologist and carry multiple certifications in wildlife control such as: Advanced Wildlife Control , Bat Removal, Bird Removal, Rodent Removal, Wildlife Zoonosis, Wildlife Exclusion, Bird Barrier Certified Installer, Ridge Guard Certified Installer, HY-C Certified Installer, Avix Laser Bird Deterrent Provider, Bed Bug Free Accreditation, and more!  I am partners with manufacturers of Termidor products, Naturecide and Aprehend bed bug biopesticide.

What Keeps Me Motivated

What began as a small side job that serviced a couple of apartments has become a local company that services many clients such as property management firms, hospitals, day care, hospice care, restaurants, homeowners, industrial and office buildings, and municipalities. I am proud of the reputation we’ve earned over the years as a company that provides top-notch pest control services and amazing customer support! I am motivated to serve my community by solving pest problems while protecting our customer's and neighbor's health and property. Growing our company increases our ability to serve more people and to create employment opportunities in our community! I feel that my success is measured number of people I help!

Jeffrey Davis
Nukingstreet Pest & Wildlife Control

Nukingstreet founder and owner, Jeff Davis
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